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dileep 24 Oct,14
कभी सर्दी कभी गर्मी ये कुदरत के नजारे है वो भी प्यासे रह जाते है जो दरिया के किनारे है
samim hossain 24 Oct,14
G am late happy diwali
amalendu gupta 24 Oct,14
I love very much my Country, India. Happy Diwali to all of citizen of our country. Thanks
laxman nayak 24 Oct,14
I m always care my family-frends.
jana 24 Oct,14
i love my india very much
diju choudhary 24 Oct,14
I like this side it is the best when I trace mobil number,so i am verry happy,thanks i love my india,,JOYHIND
shashwat sharma 24 Oct,14
I love my country
vijay kumar 23 Oct,14
Happy diwali my all dear indian
lovekesh 23 Oct,14
Happy diwali to aal indian peoples
prem kumar 23 Oct,14
happy diwali,good night
Anil kumar 23 Oct,14
Happy Diwali its a truly good apps. am very happy.
Mofijur Rahman 23 Oct,14
I like this softwer it is the best when i track mobile number i am very happy
kishantandan 23 Oct,14
wish you a pollution free diwali
Abhay kumar yadav 23 Oct,14
I love my india
Kanhaiya kumar 23 Oct,14
Happy diwali
sonu 23 Oct,14
vikash yadav 23 Oct,14
happy diwali
Sri 23 Oct,14
HAppiii Diwali .... :) ..
R.d.Bansiwal 23 Oct,14
Happy diwali
AVIJIT mistry 23 Oct,14
mera Bharat mahan
hello everyone and happy diwali 2 u nd your family
nawab 23 Oct,14
Happy diwali to all of my frnd
umesh jamdhade 23 Oct,14
i love my india
roki 23 Oct,14
I love my india
Harindra Sahani 22 Oct,14
i love you india
ram kailash 22 Oct,14
i love 2 my india
Suraj sinha 22 Oct,14
Happy diwali to all my indian family.
jai mata di communication bijn 22 Oct,14
happy diwali jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Himanshu Sarkar 22 Oct,14
ANIRUDHA 22 Oct,14
I like this softwer it is the best when i track mobile number i am very happy
brijesh yadav 22 Oct,14
dipanshu kaithal 22 Oct,14
happy diwali to all guys.....
deepak khatik 22 Oct,14
happy divale all friends
S ANANDAN 22 Oct,14
Happy diwali safe diwali.....
Balvinder kaler 22 Oct,14
happy holiday everybody @Nurmahal, and around the world
ANKIT 22 Oct,14
happy diwali all desr indian people
Narendra Modi 21 Oct,14
Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat
Sankar kumar 21 Oct,14
I love you puja
shiv 21 Oct,14
Virender Panchal 21 Oct,14
Happy Diwali all my Friends or Family
sahisahnu 21 Oct,14
I love my india
anil parmar 21 Oct,14
i love papa
rohitkumar 21 Oct,14
I love my india
RAJJU 21 Oct,14
kannan.m 21 Oct,14
happy diwali wishess
Aman yadav 21 Oct,14
Happy diwali
jayaprakash 21 Oct,14
ples find out my mobile location
Lavsh KHR 21 Oct,14
Khushi Ek Phool Hai Jisse Dosti Ki Thandi Chaon Chahiye Gham Ek Nadiya Hai Jisse Par Karne Ke Liye Dosti Ka Sahara Chahiye Pareshani Zindagi Ka Hissa Hai Jisse Baatne Ke Liye Sacha Dost Chahiye,
durgadas 20 Oct,14
happy diwali and nice year and this motha 10 dat is vey bad day in over life
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